L U M U  I N T E R I O R S

LuMu as a brand has become one of the leading names in interiors in Sydney, with features in magazines such as Vogue Australia, Vogue Living, House & Garden, Belle, Home Beautiful, Sunday Life, Inside Out and Real Living. LuMu has also become a premium sourcing destination for stylists and designers for shoots and campaigns featured in various magazines, blogs and websites. 


W E N T W O R T H  C O U R I E R  1 4  /  3  /  1 8

LuMu Interiors owner and head designer Nicole Vatselias featured in The Wentworth Couriers 'At Home With...' article, written by Angela Mollard and photography by John Appleyard.

B R O O K E  A I T K E N  D E S I G N 
 ( P A R S L E Y  B A Y  P R O J E C T )

Brooke Aitken Design beautifully featuring on of our Organic Vine Wreath Wall Hanging in their recent Parsley Bay Project, shot by Prue Ruscoe.

B E L L E  M A G A Z I N E  (A U)  4 / 1 8

Featuring the stunning Palm Husk Wallhanging from LuMu Interiors - Design by Brooke Aitken Design, shot by Prue Ruscoe. 'LuMu Exclusive' Hurricane Lanterns also featured in Belle - Design by Dylan Farrell Design, shot by Prue Ruscoe.


H O M E  B E A U T I F U L  M A G A Z I N E  1 / 1 8
LuMu's Exclusive Hurricane Lanterns featured in the entry of Kylie Gilles home for Home Beautiful Magazine, shot by Chris Warnes.

V O G U E  L I V I N G  M A G A Z I N E  (A U)  1 / 1 8 

LuMu Interiors Natural Palm Husk Wall Hanging featured in Jennifer Hawkins home for Vogue Living - Design by SJS and H Interior Design, shot by Tom Ferguson.

V O G U E  L I V I N G  M A G A Z I N E  (A U)  11 / 1 7 

Featuring the vintage Turkish Yoz and Amphora Ceramics, and Glazed Turkish Pots from LuMu Interiors - Styled by Joseph Gardner, shot by Felix Forest. 

B E L L E  M A G A Z I N E  (A U)  5 / 1 7 

Feature on LuMu Interiors owner and head designer Nicole Vatselias and her beautiful Vaucluse home. Writing and Styling by Natalie Walton, photography by Chris Warnes.


L U M U  i n  T H E  V A U L T  O N L I N E 


March 14 2017 article featured an inside scoop into the home and lifestyle of managing director Nicole Vatselias's Vaucluse home.

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