Fossilised Serving Plates


These beautiful fossilised serving trays and dishes are completely unique. No two are the same. Two distinct styles available. Markings on each are varied and different to the next. Our shots are indicative of the pieces available. Please contact LuMu staff for shots of currently available pieces. 

ABOUT - This material has been carefully sourced from Borneo, Sumatra and Central Java. The stunning petrified wood pieces are born from the explosive volcanoes in the area, which were active between 5 -15 million millions of years ago.The force of the volcano eruption was such that surrounding forests were uprooted and nearby forests were covered with burning volcanic ash.

The silica found in volcanic ash dissolves and gradually replaces the wood molecule after molecule, by minerals such as quartz, agate or marble, hence preserving the shape of the trees and even their cells. Petrified trees are sometimes found in streams, but the most beautiful pieces are found buried several metres deep. Our suppliers work with local artisans on government approved mining sites to bring these individual and organic pieces of nature to your home.