Chinese Workers Stool NATURAL


Chinese timber workers stools make fantastic additional seating or nest of tables and are a popular part of our LuMu Vintage range. Currently available in natural or all white. 

Each piece is handmade and unique, approximately D320mm x H500mm

Please note that timber is a natural, living material. Cracks, holes and imperfections are a natural part of the timber and not a fault of the piece. All our timber products are kiln dried have a waterproofed base with furniture feet/castors applied to every piece. Timber products tend to expand and contract over time with different humidities and you may notice cracks appear and subside overtime. Timber however is a natural product and existing fluids and moisture can continue to leech through the base of each stool over time. We DO NOT recommend placing these items directly onto carpet or rugs. A protective liner must be used if placing timber pieces onto carpet or rugs where limited airflow exists. Contact LuMu staff for further information.