Zanafi Kilim Rug


These stunning and unique Zanafi Kilim Rugs are a mix of white 100% lamb wool and black cotton. Hand loomed by a co-operative of Berber women from the Middle Atlas Mountains.

Each rug is handmade and unique in character which is part of their charm. A wonderful piece that will add texture and interest, while also being durable for the home. Often this style of flatweave Moroccan Kilim is woven without a pattern from memory, making the intricacy of the design even more impressive.

*Worldwide shipping costs via DHL Express are included in the pricing. Please note these rugs are being shipped directly from Marrakech as you order them. Some rugs may be unable to view in person prior to order. 

Various sizes and colour variations are available, custom sizing is also available. 

Please note that these rugs are made from natural materials and colour variations can occur. 



Like most things, rugs require regular maintenance in order to last as long as possible. This includes regular vacuuming, rotation and periodic professional cleaning. As these rugs are made from premium quality wool, one of the best ways to refresh your carpet is to hang it outside on a sunny day in the fresh breeze.

In the case of a stain it is best to spot clean to and remove stain with a moist towel of warm water immediately. Do not let the stain dry. Lift as much as possible without rubbing. Always check for colour fastness prior by testing a small patch.

Professional cleaning should only be done off-site - avoid in-house services. We advise for a proper clean to consult a trained professional in a controlled environment.